Saturday, December 31, 2016

Just a little blog about country life in the Deep South

      Living in the country, on some acreage, I have the pleasure of having a shooting range right outside my door.  This enables me to shoot daily.  Shooting daily allows me to be proficient in any of my several fire arms.  I love that this country of mine allows me to live the freedoms granted by the creator, and that by being a good citizen, I have no limits on my reasonable conduct.
     As I write the posts here, I encourage all that read to leave a comment.  Because there are scurrilous sorts, I will have to moderate those comments, but be assured, that short of outright idiocy, all will be allowed.  This is MY blog, and will be operated by MY rules.  I want to assure all readers, that Political Correctness rules will NOT be honored here.  I say what I think, and if it offends you, your solution would be to not read here.
    During the course of my posting there will be talk about my support of the troops, my love of my dogs, and my disdain for many people. I will try to keep things interesting enough to attract a few readers, and hope that those readers will comment as they care to.
Welcome to "Frankie's Southern Style" blog, Yall.