Saturday, October 22, 2016

FIRE ARMS They can feed you, and protect you and family

  I own fire arms, several of them.  They provide me with immediate, personal, security.  They can help me provide food for myself, and they provide healthy entertainment.  Merely owning a fire arm is not enough, you must be able to use it, accurately, for whatever use you plan for it.  I know people that have had a weapon for over 20 years and have not used up the first box of 20 or 50 bullets.  I shoot up hundreds of bullets each month.  I am no "Dead Eye Dick", but I can hit where I point my weapon, as you can see in these target specimens Each is scripted to show what weapon, at what distance, and what method of shooting, ("6 in Shoot NC", is the size and type of target that I shoot at):
  With a .38 revolver:
With a 5.56MM AR-15 rifle:
Yes, the bullseye is not hit, but this is a 6 inch round target, (the size of a head), and all 12 shots are inside a 3 inch diameter circle. All were in the "kill range".

With a .22 Henry Lever Action Carbine:
This group of shots was within a 2 inch circle, plenty good for the distance, and considering that it was done using a .22 carbine and not a higher powered rifle.
 Not bad for an old fart with 76 laps around the Sun.

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