Saturday, October 22, 2016

Introducing Heidi and Karma

This post is to introduce my two companions.  Heidi is a "Southern Bulldog", of some sort of mix.  She strayed to me Feb 28th, 2015.  She has become quite the lover, staying close to me, even sleeping indoors.  She is well behaved, responds readily to my call, and minds her manners, while still watching for any problems that may arise.

    Karma is a "Great Pyrenees Dog", with badger markings.  She was born on Father's Day (June 16th), 2013.  She has the traditional habits of the Livestock Guardian Dog. Gentle with the little ones, autonomous thinking, (she does not respond to obedience type commands), lives outdoors, and is ready to keep the wolves away.

   Both of these girls are usually with me, riding in the back of our truck.  If they are not welcome, I probably won't be there.  They love to "do what I do", such as walk in the fields and woods, and especially to go out to the Army Ranger Camp here, near me, and help me to support the troops.  We spend a lot of our time out there,  and they love every minute of it.
 They love to swim in the ponds, here at the farm, and hit them once or twice a day.
  If you see me, you will probably see them, and if you are a "good person", feel free to approach and pet them.  If however, you have an ulterior motive, they will probably sense that, and will react in kind.  If they bite, they will hurt you.  But, all in all, they are as nice as you are.
I love my girls, and can get very agitated if their well being is threatened, just as they do if mine is threatened.

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